New Blog!

I’ve been working super hard all week in my NEW Blog!!!! 🖥 It’s finally live! 👯 it’s a different address now

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I´ve been using this Blog for so long it was hard to change to an other name, but I hope you will come along with me. The new one allows me to design a prettier page, better content, more profesional.

 This year I decided to dedicate more time to create great content, so a makeover was definitely a must! Im so grateful for everyone that reads my posts, thank you for your support. I’m so happy people visit and enjoy my site, and I’m already working on the next step 😉🎥💡

Estuve toda esta semana trabajando y rediseñado mi Blog! Es una nueva dirección

Uno de mis propósitos de este año es dedicar más tiempo a crear contenido que la gente disfrute y me pone muy contenta ver las visitas a mi página y sus comentarios! 


Beach waves

I was not a huge fan of hair products back in the day, I have a lot of hair (really a lot, people think I wear hair extensions) and products can be really expensive, so I will run out of them pretty quickly. I would do my hair, using hot tools, maybe some hair spray (try the John Frieda one btw is amazing ) but never oils, salt sprays or anything to give texture, not even dry shampoo.



Until like 2 years ago I decided to give some products a try, and I feel in love with some of them. On this post I´m sharing my most recent (4 months ago) discovery. 


The wave spray of Ouai, helps me to create natural waves without drying feeling, it smells like perfume, it doesn’t weight down my hair. 

About my outfit, I now the colors are a little bought but Im a latin girl at heart, I love bright colors. And summer is the perfect excuse to bring those fuchsia and green together. remember to always have fun with cloth, don’t stop wearing what you love just because is not the latest trend. Wear what makes you feel great. 


World Photography day

Recently I feel that I live my life behind the lens, not only because I´m a filmmaker but also social media is making photography more important than ever. I always loved watching peoples life´s, perspectives, landscapes, and cultures through images. I´ve been documenting a lot of my favorite moments on pictures, others I choose to enjoy them without trying to find the perfect lighting. I don’t consider myself a photographer, but this are some of my favorite pictures.









_MG_8222 (1)









5 Tips to look great in comfy clothes

IMG_3363We all have those days, we feel lazy, we want to stay in bed and wrapped in your comforter. But because life has no pause button, I have some tips to take into consideration for those days


1- Feel comfortable but don’t look comfy 

I know the first thing you want on those days is to take your pjs to go to work, or your favorite sweater and leggings. Let those for the house, there are a lot of options now even hidden in your closet, pieces that are super comfy but don’t look like it.


2- It´s not the shape but the fabric

Many people think if they go out in really baggy, oversized pieces they will feel comfortable, but even in Mademoiselle Chanel days, were women lived in tight corsets and she wanted to give women room inside their clothes to move the real change was the fabric.

Look for soft fabrics, not to tight so you can move, always your right size. I always advocate for cotton on days where I don’t really want to do anything.


3- Joggers 

They are now a perfect match between comfort and style. I didn’t know how to use them at first because I don’t have a lot of curves, but I found this ones on my size. I also wear stretch jeans, the one who hug your figure but are not too tight.


I usually wear ballerinas or a chunky heel. This time I wore this ones from Zara who are surpassingly comfortable but don’t look like it, they hold my feet, maybe because Im used to wear heels everyday, you should wear your favorite go-to shoes.


5- Wear what makes you feel great

I know this might not be the look for you, or too casual for you but it makes me feel great, and thats all that matters at the end. Outfits should be a reflection of who we are, who we want to be that day, and how we want to look at our chance that day to impact the world. Wear what makes you feel great, but respect your proportions, love your body, dress accordingly and have fun.


Summer day essentials

Most of us LOVE summer, I grew up in the caribbean so when the temperatures are high I feel at home. But as the weather changes our beauty products have to adapt and last through the heat.


Even though the hair will get wet anyway I make sure I apply some products to keep it looking nice under the sun

Hair oil

I love them because they make it look shiny and healthy and if I decide to jump into the ocean or the pool I know my hair will not look dry or damaged after I come out of the water. This one, the Bamboo smooth Kendi Oil by Alterna is super light, and the spray makes it easy to apply and re apply if needed.

Oaui Wave Spray

One of my favorites discoveries of the season is the OUI Sea salt spray by Jen Atking. Ive been following her for some time, I love how she styles hair and makes it look so natural, flexible and feminine. I usually don’t try a lot of “celebrity” products but I decided to give it a try because the review online were good, I´m so HAPPY I did it.

I´ve tried in the past Sea Salt sprays like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and it didn’t work for my hair. Ive tried it on clients,  friends, and it look amazing but not on me. 


Lets talk about sunscreen, we have seen everywhere how important it is to wear it, protect our skin from the sun is the best formula to prevent wrinkles and spots, but I don’t believe in recommend you a sunscreen or buying one without trying specially if you have acne prone skin. 

I would encourage you to go to Sephora and ask for samples of some sunscreens, try them and see how your skin reacts to them. One time I bought one without tying it and it gave me acne, it made it worst. So the perfect excuse to visit Sephora next time is ti ask for some samples, try them until you find the perfect one for your skin

If I want to try to get some color (usually I do it with self tanner) or I feel like laying under the sun for a bit, I use Australian Gold on my body and Oil on my legs 


Because no one wants hair in their face with the heat


Because why not?

My go pro to catch the moments under and over the water . What can I say, Im a filmmaker, its part of my essentials😉


My mom always says that a bottle of water is a must on any bag

For the face I try to keep it “natural”, water and sweat proof. 

I concentrate in the brows, I brush and fill the gaps.

Waterproof mascara.

To make the eyes look more open and in my case to tint to black my weird blond looking eyelashes 

Lip gloss
This one is one of my favorites, super pigmented, it looks like you are wearing lipstick and lip pencil under it.

If lip gloss is not your thing this Bite lipstick is great and super hydrating. Then it wears off it leaves a really pretty tint

On the edges of the face to make you look already sun kissed 

Is always a good idea to keep it near to freshen up 


Nail polish
Just a reminder to do your nails before going to the pool or the beach, a quick coat of a light shade like this one is always a good fit

TIP: If foundation for you is a must try to a cream based, it will last longer, and wont look patchy


A quien no le gusta el verano? yo crecí entre las brisas del caribe y desde que vivo en lugares donde hay invierno, en verano es cuando me siento mas cómoda y en casa. 

Asi como las temporadas cambian, nuestros productos se deben adaptar a las temperaturas

A pesar de que el cabello se mojara no importa cuando lo tratemos de evitar, he encontrado algunos productos que me ayudan a mantenerlo bajo control.

Aceite para el cabello

Yo se que colocar aceite en el cabello no suena muy atractivo, pero gracias a nuevas tecnologías los aceites de belleza no son tan gruesos y desagradables como te los imaginas. Este de Alterna, es super liquido y ligero, el atomizador permite que sea fácil de aplicar, me permite mantener el cabello no solo bajo control sino hidratado y brillante sin verse grasoso. Así entre a la piscina o a la playa se que mi cabellera estará protegida y no se vera seca cuando salga del agua

Oaui Wave Spray

Este es uno de mis descubrimientos favoritos del verano, de la linea de la estilista Jen Atking, a pesar de que no me gusta comprar productos de celebridades, decidí probarlo y me encanto! he usado otros Salt spray como el de Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, me dejaba el cabello medio seco y no me daba muchas ondas, pero debo decir que lo he aplicado en el cabello de otras personas y les funciona fabuloso. 

Pero este es genial, es como una combinación de salt spray y acondicionador.

Protector solar

A persar de lo mucho que escuchamos cuan importante es usarlo, muchas veces lo ignoramos, y en parte lo entiendo, a pesar de tratar de usar protector solar todo el tiempo me parece q el olor y la textura puede ser desagradable. Yo no creo en que puedo recomendarles un protector en particular porque en ocaciones nuestra piel puede reaccionar o causar acné, así que lo que recomiendo es ir a Sephora y pedir muestras de los protectores que te llamen la atención y probarlos hasta encontrar el indicado para ti.


Nada mejor que recoger el cabello cuando hace calor

Lentes de sol


Siempre llevo la gopro con el forro de agua por si quiero capturar algún momento



Trato de mantener el maquillaje natural y aprueba de agua

Me concentro en las cejas, que son el marco de la mirada, las cepillo y relleno los huequitos con el lápiz

Uso rímel aprueba de agua para abrir la mirada

En cuanto a los labios:

Si te gusta el brillo este de Anastasia tiene mucho pigmento y gloss al mismo tiempo

Si quieres algo mas mate y natural este de Bite beauty es genial 

Deep V-neck


Wearing v necks can be intimidating, specially if we feel a little uncomfortable about wearing no bra, fashion tape, or a U bra. So I decided to put this outfit together to show that you can still wear the so trendy V neck without being to revealing. 

IMG_3028Bralettles are one of my favorite solutions when I feel weird about how a piece fits, I have them in white, green, blue and black. Most of the time I wear lace to give an extra touch of femininity.

So if you’ve been curious about trying the low V neck this is a good way to start.


Because is a solid color outfit, I decided to incorporate purple on the eyes to give an extra pop of color.


I want to take a moment to recommend you this Zara leggings. I don’t really know how many pieces of Zara I own ( too many probably) but I realized most of them happen to be pants and leggings. Specially this kind of thick or winter leggings, they smooth the legs, they are super comfortable, and look more modern.  Plus they have amazing quality (very important because of my lack of expertise doing laundry lol) and usually I wait until the Sale


Last week on Instagram

I want to thank everyone on the sweet comments about my feed, I hope you are enjoying my pics, if you don´t follow me on Instagram you should check it out😉

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This past weekend I woke up to an orange sky in LA due to a couple of horrible fires, it was really sad and scary to see the magnitud of it just by looking at the sky, half of it was blue and sunny and the other half covered by this orange cloud.


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Last blog post. All about bodysuits, they have became my go-to, specially when they come in comfy fabrics with cotton. This one in particular from Fashion nova is inspired on the one that Jlo used on her American Music awards performance, I love it! it has like a tribal, tropical print, and the fabric is great for summer.

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Did I mention how hot is it in LA? I know, I know, I grew up in the caribbean heat, but here the hight temperatures are super dry (Im more used to a Rainforest Cafe type of vibe) and to cool off I love the Starbucks refreshers, my favorite Passion Iced Tea Lemonade with 2 pumps of Raspberry (try it! is amazing)

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When I was younger I used to be obsessed with Pokemon, and this week Pokemon Go has become my favorite game. I love to see fellow players in parks, walking, looking for Pokestops. I think is an amazing game changer indeed that you have to walk and go places to actually move forward in the game.

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The attacks in Nice are a proof of how hate wont take us anywhere. 

I was born in a democracy that became a dictatorship mascaraed as “socialism”, France ideas and values represent not only now but historically a standard of freedom, equality, that have inspired and supported most of our current democracies. 

When we exercise compassion caring about the attacks in France, is not only to stand by our fellow french brothers and sisters, but because we also understand that is a direct attack to our personal aspirations to the free pursue of happiness.

 We must not fight hate with HATE, we must create an understanding of why this happens so people wont join radical groups that will only keep using them, we must not stay indifferent over injustice anywhere, we must fight with knowledge and facts the naiveness of believing the leader who screams the most, we most exercise our rights and duties as citizens of this world to not be divided by borders, colors, religion, accents, or political views.